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How to make a mirror glaze «Leopard» for a cake

We will need: To cover the cake — any mirror glaze — on a fat basis, for example chocolate and condensed milk, or cream, ie. fruit glaze on pectin is not suitable. For the glaze «Leopard» — neutral glaze. You can buy ready, or you can prepare it yourself (the recipe below). Even for Leopard, […]

Coconut-banana biscuits with sesame seeds, without flour and sugar (slimming)

If you want something sweet, but not burdensome for a figure, then this is exactly it — coconut-banana cookies with sesame, without flour and sugar. In summer, such a dessert will go to cheer in any company. INGREDIENTS 1 large coconut 3 large bananas juice and peel half a lemon 8 tbsp. l. non-fried sesame […]

Chocolate pudding

  INGREDIENTS vanillin nuts egg — 5 pieces berries chocolate — 200 gr milk — 250 ml Butter — 100 gr sugar — 100 gr fruit Wheat flour — 150 gr STEP-BY-STEP PREPARATION FOR PREPARATION Chocolate grate on a large grater. Half the norm of milk boil with sugar, add half of the chocolate and […]

«Sand castle «- Original very delicious cake

  We offer to prepare the original cake — a symbol of the beach season. Only in advance find for it a suitable silicone shape or buy new molds for kulichikov — this will be the most difficult in making a dessert masterpiece     INGREDIENTS 400 g of savoyardi cookies butter for molds

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