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Cake with cranberries

For 8 servings. Ingredients evaporated milk — 200 g cocoa powder — 3 tbsp. l. fatty sour cream — 700 ml egg — 1 pc. granulated sugar — 370 g baking powder — 1/2 sachets

Cake with marshmallows

Cake for 8 servings. Ingredients For the test: eggs — 4 pcs. powdered sugar — 150 g bitter chocolate — 50 g Butter — 60 ml rye flour — 120 g baking powder — 1/2 sachets


  If you do not have maple syrup, replace it with honey. Ingredients for honey cake: 100 g of oil 100 grams of brown sugar 1 tbsp. honey 2 eggs 2 tablespoons maple syrup 150 g of flour 1 tsp soda


  To prepare sponge cakes we need: five eggs, five tablespoons of sugar, seven tablespoons of flour, a little bit of citric acid. To prepare the cream we will need: three hundred grams of butter, one tablespoon of cocoa, two hundred and fifty milliliters of condensed milk. To prepare the meringue, we need: three egg […]

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