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Panacota with mango

In the very title of this dish lies the essence of the preparation of dessert: Italian panna cotta means «boiled cream». At this stage of the difficulties, the novice confectioner does not expect. We take the cream, add a little milk, plain and vanilla sugar and cook for 5 minutes. Then we let it cool […]

Chocolate Panacota

For 4 servings: 10 g of gelatin 200 g of bitter chocolate 300 g cream (10% fat content) 150 ml of milk 2 tbsp. l. orange liqueur

Dessert soup with blueberries and raspberries

Berry soups can be seasoned with nuts, seeds and whipped cream. For 4 persons Ingredients blueberry — 300 g raspberry — 300 g sugar — 200 g cream (fat content of 20%) — 300 ml cornstarch — 1 tbsp. l. Peeled pistachios — 50 g poppy for decoration — 2 tbsp. l.

Creme brulee under the crust

The recipe for cooking classic Catalan dessert. For 4 servings: Ingredients vanilla — 1/2 pod milk — 250 ml egg or creamy liqueur — 100 ml dry mix for making cream ice cream — 200 g

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