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Mojito non-alcoholic — Delicious!

  Ingredients: Fresh mint 10 g Lime ½ pieces Sprite 150 ml Ice 8 pieces Cane sugar 1 teaspoon Preparation:

How to improve the taste and aroma of fish

The type of spices in the preparation of fish very much depends on the taste of the dish. What spices are best to use, and what fish is best combined with? Using different spices and seasonings in the preparation of fish, you can affect the taste of the dishes. From spices depends on what taste […]


Ingredients: Buttermilk-230 ml Vegetable oil-0.5 Cup Large eggs — 2 PCs. Vanilla extract — 2 tsp Sugar — 1 Cup Salt — 0.25 tsp. Flour-3 cups Baking powder — 4 tsp Diced strawberries — 1 Cup Preparation:


  Ingredients: Pork (part for chops) — 700-800 g; Marinade: Garlic-4 cloves; Salt – pinch; Black pepper – a pinch; Rosemary dry or fresh-pinch; Extravirgin olive oil-2 tablespoons Preparation: Choose a pork chop on the bone … or without and marinate. Marinade:

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