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Shrimp salad with cucumbers and tomatoes (weight loss)

  per 100 g 54.32 kcal B / F / L 6.87 / 1.85 / 2.64 Royal shrimp (peeled) — 500 grams; cucumbers (cut into slices) — 4 pieces; tomatoes (cut into slices) — 4 pieces; green beans — 350 grams; White cheese — 100 grams; lemon — 1 piece;

Buckwheat porridge is a very useful breakfast

Another useful croup, which will add to your morning ration a variety. But only this unusual porridge on the water. This is a super delicious buckwheat porridge on kefir or milk. All you need to do is pour porridge with kefir or milk (in a 1: 3 ratio) in the evening and put it in […]

How to cook delicious pancakes from courgettes (You can lose weight)

This dish is ideal for those who do not like vegetables, for example, for small children, as they will like these delicate and tasty potatoes, most importantly, do not say that it’s zucchini. Ingredients Marrow — 2 pcs. Garlic — 3 cloves Egg — 1 pc. Flour — to taste Salt — to taste Black […]

Carpet with nuts and raisins — delicious and diet!

Delicious and beautiful mop is suitable for fasting. Recipe for 4 servings. Ingredients granulated sugar — 200 g vegetable oil — 100 ml honey — 2 tbsp. l. flour — 250 g baking powder — ½ bag cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. l.

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