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Chocolate smoothie with banana and coconut milk

Surely, many of you have been preparing smoothies. And certainly not just tried a milk banana cocktail. But if you mix banana puree with coconut milk and add a little cocoa, something incredible happens. INGREDIENTS 4 bananas 300 ml of coconut milk 2 tbsp. l. cocoa 2 tbsp. l. honey 2 tbsp. l. coconut chips

Strawberry smoothie with mint

Berries, mint and orange juice are the main ingredients of a light strawberry cocktail. The drink perfectly quenches thirst and refreshes. Ingredients Strawberries — 200 g mint — 50 g granulated sugar — 100 g orange juice — 200 ml crushed ice — optional Strawberries are washed and chopped in a blender. Stir with 500 […]

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