Chocolate smoothie with banana and coconut milk

Surely, many of you have been preparing smoothies. And certainly not just tried a milk banana cocktail. But if you mix banana puree with coconut milk and add a little cocoa, something incredible happens.


4 bananas

300 ml of coconut milk

2 tbsp. l. cocoa

2 tbsp. l. honey

2 tbsp. l. coconut chips


Step 1

Pour the coconut milk into the blender bowl and whisk well, 1 min.

Step 2

Peel the bananas and cut them into pieces. Put bananas in a blender bowl, add honey and cocoa and beat well again.

Step 3

Put the coconut shavings in smoothies — it will add an additional texture to the drink — and mix it.

Step 4

Pour the drink into glasses and serve immediately.

Smoothies are pleasant to drink slightly chilled, so put the coconut milk in the refrigerator beforehand.

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