Shrimp salad with cucumbers and tomatoes (weight loss)


per 100 g 54.32 kcal B / F / L 6.87 / 1.85 / 2.64

Royal shrimp (peeled) — 500 grams;
cucumbers (cut into slices) — 4 pieces;
tomatoes (cut into slices) — 4 pieces;

Shrimp salad with cucumbers and tomatoes

green beans — 350 grams;
White cheese — 100 grams;
lemon — 1 piece; Read more »

Beautiful views of amazing nature

Nature took care of everything so that everywhere you find something to learn. Leonardo da Vinci



Nature has no organs of speech, but creates tongues and hearts through which it speaks and feels. Johann Wolfgang Goethe
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Beautiful pictures of nature.

There is nothing useless in nature. Michel de Montaigne

Beautiful pictures of nature.


Understand the living language of nature — And you say: the world is beautiful!
Ivan Nikitin
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Panacota with mango

In the very title of this dish lies the essence of the preparation of dessert: Italian panna cotta means «boiled cream». At this stage of the difficulties, the novice confectioner does not expect. We take the cream, add a little milk, plain and vanilla sugar and cook for 5 minutes. Then we let it cool down a bit, put the gelatin, pour it over the molds and put it away in the cold for a few hours. You can serve panakotu with various sauces, syrups, fruits or berries.

If you decide to reduce the calorie dessert, replace the cream with milk (conventional or coconut), and do not add sugar at all. You can supplement such a treat with fruits or berries. Tasty, gentle and easy!

Panacota with mango

For 4 servings:

20 g of gelatin
400 g cream (10% fat content) Read more »

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