Stuffed Eggplant — very spicy and tasty!

The chili pepper added to the filling will add a piquant taste, and basil or parsley will make it more flavorful.

eggplant — 4 pcs.
lemon juice — 2 tbsp. l.
bulb — 1 pc.
garlic — 2 cloves

Stuffed Eggplant

small carrots — 1 pc.
tomatoes — 2 pcs.
sweet pepper — 1/2 pod Read more »

Buckwheat porridge is a very useful breakfast

Another useful croup, which will add to your morning ration a variety.

Buckwheat porridge is a very useful breakfast

But only this unusual porridge on the water. This is a super delicious buckwheat porridge on kefir or milk. All you need to do is pour porridge with kefir or milk (in a 1: 3 ratio) in the evening and put it in the refrigerator. Read more »

Chicken with minced meat —  An interesting recipe for a dish that everyone likes.

An interesting recipe for a dish that everyone likes. You can add mushrooms to the filling.

chicken legs — 1 kg
hard cheese — 150 g
tomatoes — 3 pcs.



greens — to taste
Salt, pepper, vegetable oil — to taste
Preparation Read more »

Vegan chocolate muffins

There are times when you need to bake something without using eggs, butter and milk. And it does not matter if you stick to the principles of vegetarian food, fast, you are prescribed a special diet or just the house does not have the right foods. Such a recipe should be in your piggy bank.

100 g of flour
90 g of wholemeal flour
40 g of cornstarch

Vegan chocolate muffins

160 g of brown sugar
250 ml of water
50 ml of vegetable oil
100 g dark chocolate 70% Read more »

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