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Shrimp salad with cucumbers and tomatoes (weight loss)

  per 100 g 54.32 kcal B / F / L 6.87 / 1.85 / 2.64 Royal shrimp (peeled) — 500 grams; cucumbers (cut into slices) — 4 pieces; tomatoes (cut into slices) — 4 pieces; green beans — 350 grams; White cheese — 100 grams; lemon — 1 piece;

Mojito non-alcoholic — Delicious!

  Ingredients: Fresh mint 10 g Lime ½ pieces Sprite 150 ml Ice 8 pieces Cane sugar 1 teaspoon Preparation:

Buckwheat porridge is a very useful breakfast

Another useful croup, which will add to your morning ration a variety. But only this unusual porridge on the water. This is a super delicious buckwheat porridge on kefir or milk. All you need to do is pour porridge with kefir or milk (in a 1: 3 ratio) in the evening and put it in […]

Excellent remedy for colds and just a tasty, healthy, warming drink!

  «Thermonuclear» prescription for colds. In my opinion it does not happen, but the effect is simply amazing. We need to do the following: In the mug we put: 1 tbsp. crimson jam 1 tbsp. honey 1 tbsp. lemon juice

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