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Cake «Coffee and chocolate»

Thin sand base with cocoa, two layers of ganache with dark and white chocolate and delicate coffee mousse… Each piece-just the top of pleasure! Chocolate sand base: 15 g cocoa 125 g flour 25 g powdered sugar 75 g cold butter 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon ice water

Apple Chocolate Souffle Cake

Ingredients: Apples (puree) — 400 g Gelatin — 20 g Cream (33%) — 200 ml Icing sugar — 150 g Cocoa — 3 tbsp. Dough (unleavened puff) — 0.5 pack Orange juice — 250 ml

Panacota with mango

In the very title of this dish lies the essence of the preparation of dessert: Italian panna cotta means «boiled cream». At this stage of the difficulties, the novice confectioner does not expect. We take the cream, add a little milk, plain and vanilla sugar and cook for 5 minutes. Then we let it cool […]

Chocolate Panacota

For 4 servings: 10 g of gelatin 200 g of bitter chocolate 300 g cream (10% fat content) 150 ml of milk 2 tbsp. l. orange liqueur

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