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  Again, I didn’t have to try…But the owner of the cake was delighted-all as I wanted, juicy and very chocolate. Biscuit gets wet-what I wanted… 100 g soft butter 1/2 Cup sugar 2 eggs 1/2 Cup kefir(yogurt) 60 g of melted dark chocolate 2 teaspoons cocoa powder 1 Cup flour Vanilla, salt-to taste 1/2 […]

A delicious cake with nuts and condensed milk

  Fans of cooking, as well as those who like to experiment will appreciate this sweetness. The list of necessary ingredients Butter – 150 grams Chicken eggs — 1 PC Cow’s milk – 150 grams Salt — half a teaspoon Wheat flour-200-300 grams Powdered sugar (can be sugar) — 150 grams Crushed walnut (preferably walnut) […]

Cake «Prague»

  We will need: Ingredients for biscuit: Flour – 100 g, Eggs – 5 PCs., Sugar – 100 g, Cocoa-15 g, Butter – 25 g. Ingredients for the syrup: Sugar – 100 g, Water – 100 ml. Ingredients for cream:


  Ingredients: Pork (part for chops) — 700-800 g; Marinade: Garlic-4 cloves; Salt – pinch; Black pepper – a pinch; Rosemary dry or fresh-pinch; Extravirgin olive oil-2 tablespoons Preparation: Choose a pork chop on the bone … or without and marinate. Marinade:

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