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Creme brulee under the crust

The recipe for cooking classic Catalan dessert. For 4 servings: Ingredients vanilla — 1/2 pod milk — 250 ml egg or creamy liqueur — 100 ml dry mix for making cream ice cream — 200 g

Lenten Pie with Cherries

Recipe for cooking: lean pie with cherries. Ingredients For the test — 350 g of flour sugar — 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil — 5 tbsp. l. very cold water — 6 tbsp. l. vanilla sugar — 1 sachet soda — at the tip of the knife

How to make a mirror glaze «Leopard» for a cake

We will need: To cover the cake — any mirror glaze — on a fat basis, for example chocolate and condensed milk, or cream, ie. fruit glaze on pectin is not suitable. For the glaze «Leopard» — neutral glaze. You can buy ready, or you can prepare it yourself (the recipe below). Even for Leopard, […]

Cake with cranberries

For 8 servings. Ingredients evaporated milk — 200 g cocoa powder — 3 tbsp. l. fatty sour cream — 700 ml egg — 1 pc. granulated sugar — 370 g baking powder — 1/2 sachets

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